With respect to a registered securities offer, the offer holders generally enter into a technical agreement with the issuer of the securities and potential selling shareholders. The negotiation in this contract will be through the Commission to be held at the insurer. The agreed fee should not excessively increase the costs of creation nor should it be under-represented for the interests of insurers. Contracting parties can also negotiate the guarantees and assurances that each party expects from each party. Both parties try to minimize their liability in the contract. Therefore, when negotiating this agreement, the parties should ensure that all legal requirements are met. All statements, requests, communications and agreements contained in this dash must be sent in writing, and if the transmission of mailing or faxing is sent to Goldman, Sachs and Co. as a representative at One New York Plaza, 42nd Floor, New York, New York, New York 10004, attention: registration service, insurers or faxed; and if the company is indicated by mail, telex or fax to the company`s address in the registration statement, be careful: secretary; However, provided that any communication relating to such an agreement is guaranteed for companies that, for the first time, issue their securities to the public. It strives to reconcile the interests of both parties so that contractual obligations are met as agreed. It is mandatory to sign their issue for any unlisted company that issues securities for public issuance.

(6) The deposit contract has been duly approved, executed and delivered by the company and constitutes a valid and legally binding agreement of the company, applicable in accordance with its terms, subject to bankruptcy transfers, insolvency, fraudulent transfers, reorganization, stolperbaret moratorium and similar laws of general applicability that infringe or infringe the rights of creditors and general principles of equity. However, we will not comment on the compensation provisions in section 5.6 of the filing agreement. Below are the drawbacks of the writing agreement: 12. Notwithstanding the opposite, the compensation agreement of the company covered in subsection (a) of Section 9, of the insurance and guarantees provided in the subsections (b) and (c) of Section 1 of this agreement and of any assurance as to the accuracy of the registration statement or prospectus contained in a certificate submitted by the Company (k), neither the company nor any of its principal subsidiaries , an agreement, agreement or condition that is included in an act of thought, mortgage, trust, a loan agreement, a lease agreement or any other contract or instrument in which it participates or in which it or any of its real estate may be bound; There are two parties involved in an insurance agreement: the issuing company and the insurers.