BEFORE TO A EXCHANGE (For students with an exchange in 2020/21), please consult the student manual for information on Erasmus and non-EU exchanges. Once students have been admitted and appointed in exchange, they should contact the relevant exchange coordinators, who can get advice on the modules. Students must also have begun to prepare a learning agreement, in consultation with the appropriate coordinators before departure. The following points need to be completed: If you want to come home after the trial, contact Trinity Laban`s [email protected] and we can help. The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) can only accommodate Erasmus students from institutions in Europe with which we have agreements. If you have a general exchange contract (at the field level), you can apply to either the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences or the College of Science and Engineering. Although it is possible to study in Edinburgh during the first semester, the second semester or the whole year, the length of time you can study here may depend on the Erasmus exchange agreement we have with your home university. Katie Craig, who is on Erasmus in Copenhagen, received her first scholarship on 7 November. Craig submitted her Erasmus scholarship form in June before the July deadline expired and arrived the week she arrived in Copenhagen. You can apply for Erasmus if you are currently enrolled in your first year of study (or beyond) in a home-based institution that has an Erasmus exchange contract with the University of Edinburgh and your home institution has designated you for your studies with us.

To qualify for Erasmus, you must participate in an Erasmus exchange with a university with which Trinity Laban has an agreement. Trinity Laban has partnerships with a large number of music and dance conservatories throughout Europe. Our partners include institutions from countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. For more details on specific partnerships, all Trinity Laban students are available through the Moodle Learning Portal.