ALS is necessary if the provider is considered a guarantee for the service provided to the customer, so that the customer can be satisfied with the services offered, Another impact that will arise on the side of the service provider is the traditional concept of word-of-mouth marketing, which means that the customer will make recommendations to his friend / other colleagues, that the services provided by the provider are good, so you hope that friends/other colleagues will subscribe to the provider/provider Serderhananya Service Agreement, is a tool used by service providers and customers to make the collaboration work well, i.e. by providing clear information that goes pros and cons, so that service providers and customers can get to know each other and understand each other. can be supported in calculating the costs of the managed services package. In the description above, we can understand that the SLA or Service Level Agreement is very important and offers many benefits to both parties. If you have a business related to IT or services, the existence of a service level agreement will be very useful to improve the quality of services and manage the oprasional business. It`s information about what an ALS is, you also know about components, types, SLA management and why service level agreements. Pak Asep for the cost of managed service can be given a real example, z.B. what is the administrative service? Brp costs that need to be incurred o/company u/services, later I try to help with the calculation ⚡️☑️ MEET THE REAL HACKERS☑️⚡️ It tears me up every time we complain to customers about their experience with hackers they put Before They Heard about us. These days there are a lot of hackers online, you just need to be careful who you meet for help, because a lot of people don`t know now who to ask for help, but there really is a real solution to what I give you for free, don`t go for the incompetent that I know you understand what I`m saying, like hackers with Gmail, Yahoomail and other cheaper email accounts that could be easily hacked ⚠️🚷, come think why kissing would want to use a real hacker to use a mailing service that brings its flaws? ❌❌ ❌ so you can see that they really aren`t the one they say they are, they`re right here, to scam people, you can always identify them with their fake handwriting-ups and fake testimonials try to lure you into their arms.❌❌❌ and my advice really goes to you looking for a real hacker who is head up, so you won`t fall deep into their trap🚷⚠️⚠️⚠️☑️ COMPOSITE CYBER SECURITY SPECIALISTS is here to help you the best hackers, so you can be saved from the hackers❌❌☑️