Schwab offers a number of account types, service features and service plans, each called “service” for the purposes of your account contract. Each service may have one-time fees and additional conditions. By signing up for a service or using a service in another way and not re-registering for that service, you agree to comply with the terms or conditions of use of that service in addition to this account agreement. Automatic dividend reinvestment can give you a partial share position on partially accredited securities. In the event of an appeal, the partial shares to be mentioned are selected in an automated random selection, where the probability that your holdings will be selected is proportional to the outstandings held by all Schwab clients holding partial share positions on that security. You have the right to withdraw your cash from your unsworn, fully paid and partially related shares positions before the publication date of a partial call. 6. The conditions apply. See You agree that, when buying and withdrawing shares of an investment fund through Schwab, Schwab`s policies and procedures regulate these transactions and not those of the investment fund described in its prospectus, which may be more or less advantageous to you as an investor.

In particular, you agree that Schwab`s policies and procedures regarding minimum investment requirements, the exchange of units of funds, the determination of dividends and the date of payment of dividends accrued upon payment of a daily dividend fund may differ from those applicable to the fund`s direct shareholders. They may also charge the amortization costs of a fund that, in the same circumstances, the fund would not impose on direct shareholders holding shares of funds. 7. Portfolio management by Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. (“CSIA”), a subsidiary of Charles Schwab – Co., Inc.B. Cash Sweep. You accept the next cash sweep function, which is part of the SPC service. SPC-registered accounts can automatically bring their unaccompeted cash or “free funds” into the Schwab Government Money Fund™ (SWGXX), a money fund that can typically pay a higher return than some other cash-sweep options, such as Schwab One® and bank sweep interest. More information about the Money Fund Sweep feature and these other cash-scan options can be found in your brokerage account agreements and in the bar`s feature disclosure statement, available at