The real estate market in Malta was liberalized a long time ago, but as far as renting was concerned, there were different restrictions for landlords who rented different types of real estate. The new suite of the Rental Rights Regulation (LN 260) adopted in 2018 has made some corrections to the existing legislation. To file a dispute, a dispute form must be completed. Completed and signed forms must be submitted to the housing offices (address: 22 Pietro Floriani Street, Floriana, FRN1060). When renting a property, there is little paperwork to add. Once a property has been found, the tenant is required to sign a rental agreement that is usually provided by the real estate agent. This agreement lists the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords/owners. The notice period should be set in the lease agreement. Landlords and tenants are able to freely negotiate the termination of a contract. If one of the parties violates one of the terms of the lease, the contract may be terminated. Another concern that could be pointed out is that it is an end to a non-renewable LPRL. The law provides that in the absence of notification from the lessor to the lessor (at least three (3) months before the termination date, the LPRL will be extended by a period of twelve (12) months.

This requirement is part of the scope of a non-renewable contract, in which non-compliance with the termination would lead to an extension to which both parties have not consented. So what? There are sufficient judgments on “consent” to the writing of several theses, but for this guide, suffice it to say that there are a number of judgments that have made it clear that consent to an agreement must be given freely or voluntarily and that it corresponds to the intention of the party. Permission is challenged when it is given in error and our courts have repeatedly declared agreements that, with the agreement of one or more parties, were wrong, null and void. While it is understandable that the law was developed with the intention of restoring the balance between landlords and tenants, which has been lost over the years, as was found at the beginning of this guide, this clause was developed in a vacuum of problem-solving or reaching a scope, without taking into account the much broader picture of Maltese law and jurisprudence. It has been thoughtless and thoughtless and we hope that it will be duly revised with all other clauses allowing for interpretation. If you want to stay in Malta for a long time – for tourism or business purposes, our Maltese lawyers can help you sign a rental contract. Renewal of leases is not accompanied by a fee if the lease stipulates that the lease is automatically renewed each year. However, for leases that are renewed in the event of termination, they must be re-signed and the annual fee applies to 5 euros.