FARNBOROUGH, England – July 18, 2018 – Mexican airline Aeromexico has signed a 12-year rate per flight hour with CFM Services to support at least 128 LEAP-1B engines powering its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9. The order is valued at $2.3 billion at list price. “We certainly appreciate the confidence Aeromexico has placed in CFM to support its LEAP-1B engine fleet,” said Gaél Méheust, President and CEO of CFM International. “The airline has introduced LEAP-1B into its fleet in a very fluid way. We look forward to helping them keep their new fleet in flight.” But she also talked about the future of her fleet. Aeromexico planned to end the year with a fleet of between 80 and 89 aircraft. In addition, there were plans to increase from six to four sub-fleets, eliminating Embraer E170 and Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The airline has almost done so since some Boeing 737-700s remain with the company. NEW DELHI: Vistara, a joint venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, said on Thursday it had signed a $2.4 billion order for 26 engines to power 13 new Airbus A320neo aircraft and a long-term engine maintenance contract for its Airbus fleet. In accordance with the RPFH agreement, the engine manufacturer CFM guarantees the maintenance costs of Vistara`s LEAP 1A engines in dollars per flight hour. What will Aeromexico`s fleet look like next year? Let us know in the comments. “In addition to this engine order, Vistara has signed a long-term rate per flight hour (RPFH) for the maintenance of leap 1A 120 (CFM) engines, which maintain 60 of these Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft in service or in good condition,” Vistara said in a statement.

Before the pandemic, Aeromexico had leasing contracts that it paid for every month. Now, due to the COVID-19 crisis, is trying to transfer its contracts to “Power by the Hour” (PBH) agreements. But what does that mean? Aeromexico said: “We know from experience how much support we receive from CFM. This recent agreement is a guarantee that our LEAP engines will be maintained to the highest standards, while helping to make our overall overall structure more predictable,” said Dr. Ricardo Sanchez Baker, Aeromexico`s Chief Financial Officer. Founded in 1934, Aeromexico is a long-time customer of CFM and in 2003 took over its first generation Next 737 powered by CFM56-7B. Today, the company is in service with three new 737 MAX 8 aircraft and a fleet of more than 52,737s of Next-Generation, powered by CFM56. In September 2019, Vistara opted for Airbus` FHS-TSP solution to maintain the operator`s A320 fleet. Airbus will ensure timely availability of spare parts b) maintenance planning c) compliance with airworthiness guidelines and technical readings for all aircraft.

Vistara currently has 23 Airbus A320s and never boeing 737-800NG aircraft fleet, according to its website. The RPFH agreements are part of CFM Services` flexible support offering. Under the agreement, CFM will support the fleet on a dollar-per-hour basis. “The main benefits of these programs are mostly financial. Instead of spending a lot of money when you overhaul the engine, you pay for every hour of flight that leaves each month. This will improve your cash flow and allow you to use your funds for other projects with higher returns. In July, Aeromexico published a forecast of what would follow.